Ducol is a responsible organisation with a vision that encompasses education and healthcare. Ducol has been lending continued support towards this. A part of the profits are dedicated to making widely available healthcare and education a reality. Funds are allocated to individuals and institutions working in these areas. Both infrastructure and development are key areas.


Ducol takes a keen and continued interest in healthcare. Over the last couple of decades, we have supported healthcare centres and clinics with diagnostic equipment and infrastructure capabilities. Healthcare has been our focus through several initiatives to develop medical treatment centres and generate widespread availability of basic and specialized medical facilities.

With a population that is demanding on the system, we at Ducol will continue to generate and provide towards enhancing facilities in medical centres and hospitals for healthcare.


Ducol realises that quality education is the heart of real development. Which is why we identify promising students from different fields and ensure their dream of an education is fulfilled. Ducol also extends a helping hand towards schools and institutions for creating infrastructure. Education is essential for change and Ducol will continue to make this investment for as many students as possible.

Green Organization

Ducol is sensitive towards the environment. We have adopted several standards and best practises towards making the manufacture and processes as green as possible.

At Ducol, we make it a point to educate our employees about ethics, standards, safety measures and protocols. A rigorous orientation programme ensures as a company, we are committed together in doing every little we can for the environment.

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