DUPLAST is a series of Polymer based Masterbatches, namely Polyolefins and Engineering Plastics, incorporating pigments and non-pigmentary additives in a finely dispersed state, offered in pellet form. Duplast Masterbatches are designed to impart desired characteristics in the final product when used during processing of polymeric materials such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP and Engineering Plastics. The Duplast Masterbatches are available in Standard and Customised shades as well as Single Pigment Concentrates (SPC).

The range shall by and large meet requirements of all processes through which plastics are converted into useful products like extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding, coating and lamination, roto-moulding, thermoforming & cast films.

Further Ducol will soon be adding Black Masterbatches for commodity plastics and for Fiber Industry including Non-woven Polypropylenes.

Incorporation of our Masterbatches with base polymer/s is characterised by:

  • Excellent Processability
  • Excellent surface properties
  • Exceptional dispersion
  • Operational flexibility
  • Excellent heat and light fastness
  • Improve printability
  • Cost savings

Our current product range consist of:


Duplast white MB are avilable in various hues and tones with wide range of loading of finest quality of Titanium Dioxide.Presently it's white MB range consists of over 50 grades targetted for different end applications


Duplats offers over 200 colour MBs in standard shades and constantly increasing it's range of's colour MB range also include fluorescent,metallic and customised colours and shades.


Duplats has a wide range of Addive MBs manufactured for imparting certains certain functional characterstics in the end product such as slip Anti-static,Anti-oxidant,UV stabilisers,Anti-block and the like


This range consists of entirely new concept and is becomming a need in a society getting more and more aware of cleaner environment and heath. duplats under this range offers MBs lie Anti Microbial,Anti Termite ,Anti rodent, and Freshness MBs.


polymer industry deploys different kind of plastics particularly engineering plastics.Normal MBs are not compatible with these polymers. it is not for the segment of plastic industry,Duplast offers it's universal MB range.


As the name suggest duplast is capable of making any type of MBs as per customer's requirement, be it any stringent specifications.

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